Martin, Kitchener ON



"Before going into this ride I was the type to want to shoulder whatever I was dealing with by myself. Not wanting to impose on someone else."



"They are happy because I persevere all the time. That’s the thing. They see that. I fell down so many times, but I have hope. As we say in AA one day at a time."


Lyda, Guelph ON


"Its hard when you see people going through some of the same challenges you went through, you want to help them but they’ve got to work it out somewhat on their own. You can walk beside them, you can walk behind them but you can’t really walk in front of them lead them down the path like you want to sometimes."


Garry, Kitchener ON


Keleigh, Kitchener ON


"My son plays a major role in my life. But I can’t put everything on my son, because then my recovery won’t last... A hot bath will help. Going to a meeting when I can. Connecting with people that I know. Talking to people. Because you give so much of yourself. I’m trying to put myself first. And lead by example."


"I have a lot of faith and that’s what kept me alive. Church kept me alive. I pray for my friends that are sick, and pray for the ones that have passed on, and I pray to God for myself."


Rosemarie, Kitchener ON